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Alpacatrekking price list

Our tours and price list:

en kort vandring / short stroll /eine kurze Runde / ca. 45 minuteren lång vandring - inkl. fika / a long walk - incl. fika / eine lange Wanderung - inkl. Zwischenverpflegung

ca 2-2,5 tim / hour / Std.
Familj (2 vuxna/adults/Erwachsene & max. 2 barn/children/Kinder 4 – 16 år)September - april
470 SEK1050 SEK
ytterliga barnSeptember - april65 SEK150 SEK
Familj (2 vuxna/adults/Erwachsene & max. 2 barn/children/Kinder 4 – 16 år)Maj - augusti550 SEK1200 SEK
ytterliga barnMaj - augusti80 SEK190 SEK
Pris 1 – 4 vuxna/adults/ErwachseneSeptember - april185 SEK390 SEK
Pris 1 – 4 vuxna/adults/ErwachseneMaj - augusti210 SEK420 SEK
Pris 5 – 6 vuxna/adults/ErwachseneSeptember - april
175 SEK370 SEK
Pris 5 – 6 vuxna/adults/ErwachseneMaj - augusti200 SEK405 SEK
Pris 7 – 8 vuxna/adults/ErwachseneSeptember - april165 SEK350 SEK
Pris 7 – 8 vuxna/adults/ErwachseneMaj - augusti190 SEK390 SEK
Större grupper/larger groups/grössere GruppenFråga för pris/ask for price/fragen Sie nach dem PreisFråga för pris/ask for price/fragen Sie nach dem Preis

Nice dogs are allowed on your trip.

Tours are booked in advance at the following address:
Alpacka & Älg Ekofarm i Hultet
Jacqueline Käslin
Hultet 3261, 28292 Västra Torup
Mobil: +46 70 1478317
Get in touch with the number of people (adults and children (with age)) and the desired date

Directions and map Location and Map

Because of too many people who just don’t show up or cancel at the last minute, I have to start to charge a booking fee of 45.- (short trekking) / 75.- (long trekking) per booked person.
Booking fee is deducted when paying the tour. Booking fee is not refunded on a cancellation close to 7 days prior to the tour.

Important to keep in mind before the trip:
– did you book a long trekking – let us know early if anyone has a food allergy (“fika” included)
– clothes and shoes according to the weather
– arrive on time – preferably a few minutes before the intended time – (winter road conditions, children with motion sickness, GPS that crashes, …)
– there is no possibility to bring a pram on the tours
– no more people than booked


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