Alpacka Ekofarm Hultet

Location and map

Our farm is here: (coordinates are N: 56°10’03” / E: 13°28’00” )

By train:
From Hässleholm you take a train towards Helsingborg, getting off in Perstorp. From Helsingborg you take a train towards Hässleholm, getting off in Perstorp.
You can take a taxi from Perstorp (ex. -46 701 41 99 53). The farm is 6 km north of Perstorp.

By air:
It is easiest to take a flight to Kastrup, Copenhagen and take a train to Hässleholm, then Perstorp. (see By train)

By road:
There are a variety of ways to come from the continent. Personally, we prefer taking the ferry from Puttgarden to Rödby, driving through Denmark to Copenhagen and then over the Öresunds Bridge to Malmö. At that point, you can choose to drive via Helsingborg or Hässleholm. From Helsingborg you take E4 and then Riksväg 21 toward Kristianstad or from Hässleholm you take Riksväg 21 toward Helsingborg, turning into Perstorp.
There is a traffic circle/round-a-bout at the junction of 21 and 108 on the west edge of Perstorp. Drive towards Örkelljunga on 108 and turn right at the next traffic circle. After 300 meters you will turn left towards Köpinge. After 5 km you turn right towards Röke and Strandböke.  After 1 more kilometer you will turn right at the sign for Hultet. After 150 meter you are here. The farm is on the north (left) side of Hultet Road.

Contact information:
Alpacka Älg & Ekofarm
Hultet 3261, Västra Torup
Tel: 070-147 83 17


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